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If fans were expecting another dreamy, romantic ballad after Cera's last release "Daddy", they're in for quite a surprise because "Mad Dog" is a dramatic departure.


Set over a guitar-driven melody that teeters between surf punk and blues, Cera evokes a story of jealousy, possessiveness and lust. This may cause some confusion among fans, given her public practice of polyamory, but "Mad Dog" is not a new song - just new to the public.


Being Released April 10th

10. Mad DogCera Gibson
00:00 / 02:31



Significant Performances

Urban Lounge, SLC: Headlined - 3/11/2023

Blue Gene's, SLC: SLUG Mag's 34th anniversary party - 2/11/2023

The Exchange, SLC: Daddy release party - 12/8/2022

Metro Music Hall, SLC: Opened for Kameron Michaels - 9/3/2022

Metro Music Hall, SLC: Ensamble, SLC Pride - 6/3/2022

The Balcony, Boise: Headlined - ‘Uninspired’ Tour: Sold Out  - 5/13/2022

Icons, Colorado Springs: Headlined - ‘Uninspired’ Tour: Sold Out - 5/7/2022

‘Uninspired’ EP Tour: Headlined - 5/6/2022 to 5/13/2022

Urban Lounge, SLC: Headlined - ‘Uninspired’ Ep release show: Sold Out - 2/4/2022

The Complex, SLC: Opened for Marc Rebillet - 9/18/2021

Metro Music Hall, SLC: Headlined: Sold out - 7/16/2020

The Complex, SLC: Opened for Nina West - 7/11/2021

The Soundwell, SLC: Opened for 070 Shake - 2/9/2020

If the SLC pop icon keeps putting out high quality tracks like this one, we're all in for a marvelous ride. (about previous single)

- Emilee Atkinson, City Weekly

"Mad Dog" first came into existence eight years ago, only two years before Cera traded in her guitar for a synth. During those two years, she attempted to produce the song numerous times, but none of those iterations captured the visceral emotion she was trying to convey. As a result, "Mad Dog" was set aside until it could be executed properly.

In September of 2022, the song was placed in the capable hands of renowned Utah County producer, Nate Pyfer. Nate is not only prolific within the Utah music scene, but has also garnered national acclaim by collaborating with artists like Kaskade and producer Finn Bjarnson. Together with Nate and guitarist Pat Boyer, Cera finally found an opportunity to show her teeth and let "Mad Dog" loose.

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