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Cera Gibon - Marc Rebillet SLC - Kneeling (Web)_edited.jpg


Cera Gibson is a singer-songwriter, amateur comedian, and online personality based in Salt Lake City.  She has been making and performing music for as long as she can remember, and been active online for nearly as long. 


Since 2021, Cera has amassed nearly 675k followers on TikTok, and 160k+ on Instagram. She creates a wide array of content, ranging from insightful social commentary, to satirical, sexualized parodies of popular media. From the latter, her following assigned her the label Mommy/Daddy. This soon took on a life of its own, changing the shape of Cera’s social media presence, and cultivating a very engaged viewership. 


From her success on TikTok, Cera was given the opportunity to open for Marc Rebillet in 2021, sell out the release show for her EP “Uninspired” in February 2022, and headline her first tour in May 2022. Two of the stops on this tour also sold out. 


Cera is now working to merge her two worlds. Her single “Daddy” was the first in a body of work aimed at capturing both of these audiences. While the lyrics are delivered with a suggestive smile, reminiscent of her online presence, the instrumentation is clearly a Cera Gibson original, and fits seamlessly into her existing discography. 


Cera Gibson is Mommy yet Daddy, Sad Bitch yet Bad Bitch.

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